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Life and work re-imagined. Customer growth and wiz associates’ growth are aligned for unlimited success. At GoWiz, all stakeholders succeed.

The Mission

To meet the intense demands of website owners from start to finish: from website building, marketing and advertising, to hosting and domain names. Socioeconomic trends are changing rapidly. Employee expectations and customer expectations are in constant flux, and offer exceptional challenges in our ever-changing world.

Founded in 2018, GoWiz is the merger of a successful digital agency for more than two decades of experience and a hosting company for over a decade. Together, we bring decades of know-how that bring forward a new and innovative work environment that boosts customer satisfaction while boosting employee productivity and happiness. Technology moves fast. We strive to move faster.

At GoWiz, we know that employee success in the work-life balance produces outstanding customer results. Our formula is unique to the industry. All stakeholders work together as equals in both work and reward, while removing any financial or productivity caps that limit individual achievements.


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GoWiz Website Solutions
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GoWiz Website Solutions
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Our Wiz Associates work in both the United States & Canada.

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